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The school was founded in 1986 in Jerusalem, Musrara neighbourhood. Musrara, perhaps more than any other place, symbolises the complexity of the Israeli experience: a neighbourhood situated at the divide between West and East Jerusalem, overlooking the walls of the Old City. Whilst Musrara is a model of successful neighbourhood renewal it still preserves memories of difficult absorption processes, discrimination, and the first authentic Israeli protest movement the Black Panthers. The school's activity takes place in the heart of the Musrara neighbourhood, in two buildings: a preserved historical building and a community centre of the neighbourhood. The Naggar School works within a framework of practice based research, taking into consideration the visual biographies and unique identities that comprise society in Jerusalem. The school is strongly committed to providing a socially engaged community based art programme that is sensitive and inclusive of the multicultural communities in Jerusalem, and in Israel.

צילום אבי דבאח
Apart from maintaining the study programs in all departments, the school also holds two galleries (the Social Gallery and the Morel Derfler Gallery) and organizes master-classes and lectures of guest artists and cultural figures. The school also operates special educational projects (prisoners, children with special needs, high-school students and Jewish-Arab seminars).
The Musrara school is a friendly and dynamic institute that always searches for new approaches in art education. The special atmosphere in the school creates room for collaborations between students and staff and the neighborhood residents (Exhibitions in residents’ houses – MUSRARAMONAMOUR and Black Panthers, publishing of the ‘Musrara Food’ book and the MusraraMix festival that brings local and international art and music to the neighborhood of Musrara each year).
The Musrara School encourages alternative creativity and supports initiatives that contribute to the community. It enables each student to go through a process of 3 years, a process of personal development, at the end of which the student presents a final project or an exhibition.
The school wishes to thank all the people and institutes that support our activities: