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Congratulations to Tohar Lev Jacobson, 2016 Photography Dept. Alumni, for his achievement at the 19th Tel Aviv Int. Student Film Festival- His graduation film “Fire will Burn” won the Best Cinematography Award in the Israeli Competition judged by a harsh group of judges amongst them the István Borbás, the Cinematographer of Roy Andersson’s films and Israeli director and screewriter Joseph Cedar.

“Fire will Burn” accompanies the public leisure culture of Saker Garden in Jerusalem, during a year. The park is a meeting point for hybrid groups and tendencies, of the ultra-orthodox Jewish society. In the park, enveloped by the smoke of the hookah (narghile) and the charcoal grill (mangal), exists a weave of miniature secular rituals, which bestows a new meaning to the traditional religious conventions.

In the Israeli competition, we saw many excellent works of cinematography. It was not an easy decision, to choose the right one, so we took the help of one of the thoughts of Leo Tolstoy, "In my little village I can find all of the universe", A film that was shot during one day in a park, which through its preciseness and well-chosen camera positions opened a whole world for us. The award for best cinematography goes to Tohar Lev Jacobsen and the movie "A fire will Burn"
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